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Protocol issues

(ordered by importance)
  1. commands should never incorrect/wrong values
    after disable internal clock or set clock external these readouts are incorrect:
    command 0E returns 'Waveform Program Nr' = 00 (not matter which is choosen)
    command 18 returns 'Online Status Register' = 00 (all cards online)
    command 1E returns 'Power Monitor Register' = 00 (current is not ok) for all cards
    commands should return error: "Operation failed", "Operation timeout" or "FPGA timeout"
  2. send data in binary format
    Program Waveform Data(0x16) - 16bit words have to be sent as 2-byte binaries, not 4byte ASCII
  3. error code:
    would return in one "response error code" command, something like below:
    0002h 00FFh 0002h <CODE> <LENGTH> <TEXT MESSAGE>
    but always response should be odd (now 00FC 00FE are not)
  4. avoid commands working as 'toggle'
    make commands to set or get the parameter(s)
    functions should be symmetric (getXXX reads something, setXXX sets the same thing)
    commands afected:
    Internal Clock ON/OFF(0x04)
    Clock source INTERNAL/EXTERNAL(0x06)
    Clock status / Mode readout(0x24)
  5. Power Amplifier Card - Online Status (command 0x18):
    return value should have higher bits set '1' if 1=offline
  6. Readout Voltage Monitor(0x10) - values can be send in binary format,
    as integer value [miliVolts] on 2 bytes
  7. Waveform Data description:
    The received Waveform Data- frame contains 2750 values, coded as 16-bit hexadecimal data words
    should be rewrited rather as:
    The received Waveform Data- frame contains 1375 values, each coded as 16-bit hexadecimal data words
  8. input stream processing timeout
    The problem can be reproduced by sending for example two requests like:
    send: 0002 0002 0002 0002
    Expected result should be receiving two times firmware info.
  9. default communication mode: binary for eth, text for RS232

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