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KySoft Systemy Informatyczne


I studied at Warsaw Uniwersity of Technology, defending my thesis Project and implementation of object database in slow-control “on line” systems in 1996. During study I took part in "summer student" programme at CERN near Geneva (Switzerland), and next year, at WSU in Detroit (USA/Michigan).

After I finished studies I started to work in small computer firm as LAN/WAN network administrator and teacher of programming in C/C++ and usage of internet. Then I started to work for Bull programming POS payment terminals (Ingenico) and related systems.

All the time, until nowadays I continue science and research work:
  • CERN/NA61 - software for detector in SHINE experiment (Detector Control System)
  • Warsaw Uniwersity of Technology/Physics - software for physics experiment (MultiParameter System)
  • Polish Academy of Science/IPPT - building and programming ultrasonic microscope with 3D visualisation

Currently, I deal with
  • informatic and electronic projects
  • software development with varying degrees of sophistication, depending on customer needs
  • GPS satellite navigation systems
  • monitoring systems with IP cameras
  • cooperate with research centers PW/Physics and CERN

Application are usualy developed from scratch and implemented in such laguages as: Java, C, C++, PHP.

You are welcome,

Krzysztof Dynowski.