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KySoft Computer Systems

JAVA/C++ Java and C/C++
Libraries and some code
Tips & tricks (sources)
JINR DubnaJoint Institute of Nuclear Research CERN/NA61 Monitoring & Control Systems for NA61/Shine experiment at European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN. LAB/SK Labolatory of Computer Networks Phisics Department on WUT IPPT PAN Ultrasonic scanning microscope devloped at Institute of Fundamental Technological Research on Polish Academy of Sciences IPPT PAN. SPC Heat Measurement System for Warsaw power plant - EC Kawęczyn.
Computers Computers & smartphones oiler Motorbike oiler (motooiler,dynoiler)
Oiler is designed to replace the troublesome (and quite expensive) use of spray.
Monitoring & navigation
Monitoring system working with IP cameras
Navigation on mobile phones with Java support
Network applications
Tunneling UDP over TCP
Tunneling TCP over TCP
Banking & payments
Termial applications EFT POS ("embeded system")
  • client identification for KredyBank, BGŻ
  • payment for eService,PolCard,Pekao,Auchan,Rossman
  • payment parkomat for Polskie Porty Lotnicze
  • prepaid for Lew,Agadka
  • multi-platform programing library MultiX
Server applications
  • Terminal Managnet System TMS for Agadka,OPDF
  • prepaid codes distributing server for Agadka
  • authorisation system MAAS for Auchan/Lukas Bank
  • authorisation emulators (Base24, Postilion, protocols: Apacs30/40, ISO8583, SPDH)
Symetric algorithms (DES,3DES)
Asymetric algorithms (RSA)
Hash functions (CRC16,CRC32,SHA1,SHA2,MD5)
Cryptographic keys diversification (Apacs,Dukpt:X9.24-1997,Dukpt:X9.24-2004)